Transfantome: Transformation into bodies of various scale and structure in multiple spaces

Transfantome is a novel robot interaction in which the user seamlessly changes or simultaneously uses different “Bodies” of different sizes, structures, and positions. By combining various multiple bodies, we expand our range of power, dexterity, and the place we act, and it brings us unexplored experience or highly efficient work.

We map a virtual “Proxy Body” to the target physical “bodies” like miniature robots or huge construction machines and control them. By moving and scaling the Proxy Body in the virtual environment that reproduces the target bodies and their environment, we can smoothly change bodies which have separated view, size, and structure. As a result, we can handle various bodies together intuitively. For example, by using a powerful giant robot and a dextrous small one, it is possible to carry out the work like rescuing injured person while removing heavy debris efficiently and carefully.