Inami-Hiyama Laboratory’s Open House 2019

Inami-Hiyama Laboratory (RCAST, UTokyo) will host various research demonstrations at its annual open house event titled “The Future of Our Body” on May 31st and Jun 1st.

Inami-Hiyama Laboratory’s Open House “The Future of Our Body”
Our laboratory, known for its research on “body augmentation” or “body editing,” is pursuing embodied experiences from the viewpoint of latest technologies. Literal physical organs such as heads, arms, or legs. Enhanced or modified five senses and memories. Body in a VR world. Bodily sensations that pass between a physical and a virtual world. Please try the “future body” on your own.

The latest information can be found at our laboratory’s Facebook page.

UTokyo Komaba Research Campus Open House 2019
Friday, May 31st – Saturday, Jun 1st, 2019
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Living Lab Komaba (Room 512), 5F Bldg. 3, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the Univerisity of Tokyo

Inami-Hiyama Laboratory (Information Somatics), RCAST, UTokyo